CDR Data Retention Policy

For the purposes of this policy, "CDR data" refers to the metadata associated with a Call, Fax, or SMS. It does not include the content of the Call, Fax, or SMS iteself, but rather the transactional information such as the calling and receiving phone numbers, start and end time, duration, and other similar information.

Jivetel retains CDR data for various purposes including customer service, billing, billing disputes, quality control and assurance, service improvement and analytics as well as legal requirements. We do not use CDR data for marketing purposes and do not share it with third parties unless required by law or necessary for normal operations with our partner carriers.

Data Access

Customers can access their own CDR data for voice calls via our portal for a period of one year for business customers and 120 days for residential customers. Beyond this period, the CDR data is archived and access is restricted to certain Jivetel employees.

Data Retrieval Fee

A fee will be charged for retrieving CDR data from the archive. The fee is based on our current hourly rate, billed at a minimum of one hour, regardless of the time it takes to retrieve the data.

Data Guarantee

Jivetel provides access to CDR data on a best-effort basis. While we make every effort to maintain accurate and complete records, we do not guarantee that we will be able to access or provide specific records.

Data Storage

CDR data is stored in a digital format and may be compressed.

Data Purge

CDR data may be purged from our archive once there is no longer a legal requirement to retain it.