1. Introduction

This Jivetel Subpoena Policy ("Policy") outlines the guidelines and procedures for handling legal and law enforcement subpoena requests by Jivetel ("we", "us", "Jivetel", "Jivetel International", "Jivetel Communications", "Jivetel Inc.", "Jivetel, LLC"), hereinafter referred to as the "Company". The Policy ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations while protecting the privacy and rights of our customers.

2. Legal Compliance

  1. The Company will comply with all valid subpoenas issued by courts or other authorized legal entities in jurisdictions where the Company operates.

  2. The Company will verify the authenticity and validity of each subpoena received and ensure that it complies with the applicable legal requirements.

  3. In case of any doubts regarding the legality or validity of a subpoena, the Company may seek legal counsel or request clarification from the issuing authority.

3. Subpoena Review and Notification

  1. Upon receipt of a subpoena, the Company will promptly review its contents and assess its scope and legal validity.

  2. The Company will maintain accurate records of all subpoenas received, including relevant details such as the case number, issuing authority, date received, and actions taken.

  3. If a subpoena lacks essential information or does not comply with legal requirements, the Company may request additional documentation or clarification from the issuing authority.

  4. When permitted by law, the Company will notify the affected customer(s) of the subpoena request unless explicitly prohibited from doing so by the issuing authority.

4. Customer Information Disclosure

  1. The Company will only disclose customer information in response to a valid subpoena.

  2. The Company will make reasonable efforts to limit the disclosure of customer information to that which is strictly necessary to comply with the subpoena.

  3. The Company will not disclose any customer information without a valid subpoena, except as required by applicable law or with the customer's explicit consent.

5. Confidentiality and Record Retention

  1. The Company will handle all subpoena requests with strict confidentiality, limiting access to authorized personnel involved in the review and response process.

  2. All employees involved in handling subpoenas will receive appropriate training on the privacy and confidentiality of customer information.

  3. The Company will retain records of subpoena requests and responses in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

6. Data Security and Integrity

  1. The Company will take appropriate measures to ensure the security and integrity of customer information during the review and disclosure process.

  2. Customer information will be protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction, in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

7. Transparency Reports

  1. The Company may publish transparency reports periodically, providing aggregated data on the number and types of subpoena requests received and the extent of customer information disclosed.

  2. The transparency reports will be prepared in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that customer privacy is protected.

8. Amendments to the Policy

  1. This Policy may be reviewed and updated periodically to reflect changes in laws, regulations, or business practices.

  2. Any amendments to this Policy will be communicated internally and made available to authorized personnel responsible for handling subpoena requests.

9. Compliance Oversight

  1. The Company will appoint a designated compliance officer or team responsible for ensuring adherence to this Policy and applicable legal requirements.

  2. The compliance officer or team will provide guidance, training, and support to employees involved in handling subpoena requests.

10. Contact Information

  1. The Company designates the following contact information for the submission of subpoena requests with email being the preferred contact method:

    1. Via Email to [email protected]

    2. Via Fax to +1-718-795-1666

    3. Via Mail to
      Jivetel, LLC
      Attn: Legal Department
      2 Brooks Edge Dr.
      New City, NY 10956

  2. All subpoena requests should be directed to one of the above contact details. It is essential to include the following information when submitting a subpoena request

    1. Issuing authority's name and contact information

    2. Case number or reference number

    3. Description of the investigation or legal matter

    4. Specific customer information requested, including relevant phone numbers, account details, or other identifiers

    5. Timeframe or date range for the requested information

    6. Any additional documentation or clarification required to facilitate the review and response process

  3. The Company encourages the use of secure communication channels or encrypted email services when transmitting sensitive subpoena-related information.

11. Conclusion

  1. The Subpoena Policy aims to establish a clear framework for handling legal and law enforcement subpoena requests while safeguarding customer privacy and complying with applicable laws and regulations. By adhering to this Policy, the Company demonstrates its commitment to transparency, accountability, and maintaining the trust of its customers.