Current Jivetel Service Fees

Activation Fee / Setup Fee
$30.00 per extension, line or channel
$30.00 per phone line
Shipping and Handling Fee
Up to $15.00 per device for standard shipping
$15.00 per device
Directory Assistance (411)
$1.50 per call
$1.00 per call
Porting Fee
N/A unless specified on quote or activation forms
$10.00 per number for any plan under $15.00 per month
Retroactive Porting Fee for accounts cancelled within six months
Service Reactivation Fee (per line, channel or extension)
Service Reactivation Fee (per number)
Chargeback Recovery Fee
Early Termination Fee (see below)
Equipment Non-Return Fee
Bounced (returned) Check Fee
Bounced (returned) ACH Fee
Late Fees

Past due amounts bear interest at the lower of 1.5% per month or the maximum rate allowed by law.

Hourly Support / Consulting Rate
$185.00 per hour
$95.00 per hour
After Hours / Holiday Hourly Rate
1.5X Standard Rate
1.5X Standard Rate

*How we calculate early termination fees:
The early termination fee is $175.00 per phone. Beginning with the 13th month of service (calculated individually per phone),the ETF is reduced by $10.00.
For example, if you cancel services after 1 year, your ETF would be $175
If you would cancel after 14 months your ETF would be $155 ($175 - $20)
If you would cancel after 18 months your ETF would be $115 ($175 - $60)

However, if we get back the phones in working condition with all the wires we will credit back $40-$75 per phone, based on the condition of the phone and if there are any missing accessories. Non working phones will not receive a credit. Phones in working condition, with all accessories, and minor signs of use will receive full $75 credit.
We deduct the following:
More then just regular signs of use $10-$15
Missing power cable $9
Missing CAT5 cable $2
Missing or broken handset $9