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Since 2005 Jivetel has been offering families a less expensive option and avoiding having an old-fashioned landline. Make the transition Break free from the labyrinth of expensive and obsolete calling options. Upgrade your home phone service by using the internet and Jivetel’s cutting edge technology to call your friends and family. Get premium features included in each home plan. Even send and receive text messages with your friends and family.

Choose a Pay as you go plan or take an unlimited plan, we have the plan for you!


Call Control
Anonymous call rejection
All incoming calls without Caller ID will be automatically rejected
This feature allows you to place a number in an always reject list
Call Recording
Caller ID blocking
Make anonymous calls
Call Recording
Send calls directly to voicemail, keep your family dinners undisturbed
International Call blocking
Keep your monthly costs down by blocking expensive destinations.
Dial by Name
E911 Support
Notify the local PSAP of your location in the event of an emergency
Music on Hold
Have you friends listen to music when you grab another call
Control your account from our online platform
Feature Codes
SMS Home
Send and receive sms messages from your home number
Feature Prefixes
Three-way calling
Conference in multiple friends
Hot Desking
Record messages when you are unable to get to the phone, retrieve your messages via your phone or email