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Unleash the power of seamless communication with the integration of Bullhorn - Applicant Tracking & CRM and JiveConnect. This dynamic combination enhances your CRM experience, fostering better client interactions and operational efficiency.

Address Book Search

Easily navigate through your contact list, finding the information you need right when you need it.

Auto Screen Pop

The Auto Screen Pop feature provides an instant display of customer details with each incoming call, empowering your team with relevant information to deliver personalized service.

Automatic Call Activity Logging

Enhance accountability and track performance with Automatic Call Activity Logging, documenting every call automatically, thereby maintaining a comprehensive history of client interactions.

Caller Details Preview

The Caller Details Preview gives you a quick overview of the caller's information, ensuring you're always prepared for every conversation.

Manual Call Activity Logging

With Manual Call Activity Logging, you can choose when to log a call, offering flexibility in managing your records.

Manual Screen Pop

The Manual Screen Pop feature allows you to control when the customer information appears, providing a balance between automation and control.

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