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ConectWise Manage

Integrating ConnectWise Manage with JiveConnect can supercharge your business communication and customer relationship management. By bridging your UCaaS and CRM solutions, you can streamline workflows and boost productivity. Features like address book search, click to dial, caller details preview, and automatic call activity logging in JiveConnect can be utilized to their full potential with ConnectWise's centralized data platform, making customer interactions more efficient and personalized.

Add Contact

Stay on top of your client management with the Add Contact feature. With a click, you can easily add new contacts, ensuring that your client database is always up-to-date.

Address Book Search

The Address Book Search feature further enhances your customer management by quickly retrieving client information, saving you time and effort.

Auto Screen Pop

Boost your call management with the Auto Screen Pop and Manual Screen Pop features. These allow instant access to the caller's information, providing your team with valuable context before they even answer the call.

Call Activity Logging

With Automatic Call Activity Logging and Manual Call Activity Logging, you can accurately track all call interactions, essential for maintaining a comprehensive call history and for auditing purposes.

Live Mode

The integration offers both Cached and Live Mode. With Cached Mode, you have quick access to client data while Live Mode ensures real-time data accuracy.

Caller Details Preview

The Caller Details Preview feature further enhances your call management by providing a snapshot of the caller's information before you pick up the call.

Integration with Notes

The Integration with Notes feature enables you to add relevant notes to client profiles, ensuring important details are not lost.

Click to Dial

Improve your call efficiency with Click to Dial via the JiveConnect app. This feature allows you to dial directly from the CRM, saving you time and minimizing errors.

Pop Contact in Edit Mode

Finally, the Pop Contact in Edit Mode feature allows immediate editing of client information during a call, promoting accuracy and time efficiency.

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