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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Imagine a tool that combines Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, your go-to for managing customer relations, with JiveConnect, a master at communication. This integration is designed to make both your customer service and team productivity soar.

Add Contact

With this in place, adding new customers is simple - just a few clicks in the JiveConnect app and the details are saved straight into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Address Book Search

Looking up contacts is just as smooth with the Address Book Search, putting all client information right there when you need it.

Auto Screen Pop

When a customer calls, the Auto Screen Pop feature means their key information appears on your screen immediately, so you’re informed and ready for a meaningful chat.

Automatic Call Activity

Plus, the Automatic Call Activity Logging adds a log entry for each call, saving it in your CRM system. This means you can easily review the customer contact history, saving you time and providing you with valuable historical data for future analysis.

Caller Details Preview

The Caller Details Preview preps you with essential customer facts before you even pick up the phone giving you the information you want in deciding how to handle the call.

Click to Dial

And dialing a client? It's as simple as one click directly from your CRM interface, thanks to Click to Dial via the JiveConnect app.

Integration with Notes

Now, you can easily jot down key points from your conversation, right within the CRM, making it super easy for you and your team to stay up to date.

Manual Screen Pop

Rather than having JiveConnect automatically pop open the customer’s contact record every time they call, you get to choose if and when you want to open the customer’s details during a call.

Pop Contact in Edit Mode

Need to update a client’s contact info while talking to them? The Pop Contact in Edit Mode feature makes this a snap.

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