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Transform your customer service experience with the powerful integration of Freshdesk and JiveConnect, two leading platforms designed to elevate your customer support strategy.

Auto Screen Pop

From the moment your phone rings, you're empowered with immediate access to the customer’s details. This is made possible by the Auto Screen Pop feature, which triggers a pop-up window displaying the caller's information directly from Freshdesk as soon as a call comes in. This not only saves time but also allows your support team to provide personalized service instantly.

Caller Details Preview

The integration also offers a Caller Details Preview feature. This gives your team a snapshot of critical customer details before they even pick up the phone, providing them with the context they need to handle the call effectively.

Address Book Search

Locating your client's data within Freshdesk is quick and easy with the Address Book Search function. A simple search can bring up all the related records, enabling your team to have a comprehensive view of the customer's history. This feature ensures that your team is always prepared and informed, leading to more productive conversations and satisfied customers.


Starting a call has never been easier with the Click-to-dial feature embedded in the JiveConnect app. With just one click, your team can initiate a call directly from the Freshdesk platform. This reduces the need to switch between different applications and streamlines your team's workflow.

Manual Screen Pop

For those times when you need to pull up customer data at a specific point in the call, the integration offers a Manual Screen Pop feature. This provides your team with the flexibility to view customer information when it's most needed, further enhancing their ability to provide excellent customer service.

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