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Unlock a smoother, more efficient sales process by linking Pipedrive with JiveConnect. This dynamic duo aims to simplify your conversations with customers and ramp up your team's efficiency in numerous ways.

Add Contact

First, adding new customers is a snap with the "Add Contact" feature. Just a few clicks in JiveConnect, and the information is saved straight into your Pipedrive CRM, meaning no lead is left behind.

Address Book Search

Need to find a customer? The "Address Book Search" lets you sift through your contacts quickly and effortlessly and then click it to dial it!

Auto Screen Pop

Now, imagine when a customer calls, their profile automatically pops up on your screen, thanks to the "Auto Screen Pop." It’s like having caller ID on steroids — you’re instantly ready to provide personalized service.

Manual Screen Pop

Instead of having the customer’s profile automatically pop up every time they call, you can control when this info appears with the "Manual Screen Pop" feature. With a simple click of a button you can pop up the customer’s contact screen.

Automatic Call Activity Logging

Don't worry about keeping track when and how many times you speak with a contact; the "Automatic Call Activity Logging" takes care of this by saving the call’s date, time and duration right into Pipedrive.

Manual Call Activity Logging

Need to make special notes? The "Manual Call Activity Logging" is your friend, allowing you to jot down specific details as needed.

Caller Details Preview

Want a heads-up before picking up a call? The "Caller Details Preview" gives you a sneak peek at who’s calling so you’re prepared from the get-go.

Click to Dial

With "Click to Dial via the JiveConnect app," calling a client is as simple as one click directly from Pipedrive, making every call a breeze.

Pop Contact in Edit Mode

Need to edit a client’s contact info during a call? The "Pop Contact in Edit Mode" feature lets you do this on the spot, ensuring your customer profiles are always accurate and current.

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