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Zoho CRM

Boost your business and unlock your business's full potential with the JiveConnect integration for Zoho CRM. This innovative tool seamlessly blends your phone system and CRM software, delivering unprecedented efficiency and a superior customer experience.

Address Book Search

Cut down on time spent searching for contacts. Our Address Book Search feature allows you to swiftly scan your Zoho CRM contact directory right from the JiveConnect App, making dialing or viewing contacts from the search results a breeze.

Click to Dial via JiveConnect App

Eliminate the hassle of manual dialing. Our Click to Dial feature lets you call your Zoho CRM contacts directly from the JiveConnect App, enhancing efficiency and minimizing errors.

Caller Details Preview

Stay informed and ready with our Caller Details Preview. When a call comes in, you'll see incoming caller details on your screen, provided a match is found in your Zoho CRM database.

Auto Screen Pop

Get immediate access to customer information with Auto Screen Pop. As soon as a call comes in, the caller's contact record from your Zoho CRM will automatically pop up, ensuring you're always prepared.

Manual Screen Pop

If Auto Screen Pop is distracting, with a click of a button you can manually pull up the contact record of the caller from your Zoho CRM, providing superior service.

Add Contact

Expand your network effortlessly. With our Add Contact feature, you can add new contacts to your Zoho CRM directly from the JiveConnect App.

Pop Contact in Edit Mode

Quickly update contact information with the Pop Contact in Edit Mode feature. When a caller's contact pops up, it is in edit mode, allowing you to make instant updates during the call.

Automatic Call Activity Logging

Let the system do the work for you. Our Automatic Call Activity Logging feature records every call activity in your Zoho CRM, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Manual Call Activity Logging

Keep a detailed record of your customer interactions with Manual Call Activity Logging. This feature allows you to manually log call activities to the corresponding contact in your Zoho CRM, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Integration with Notes

Stay informed with Integration with Notes. Notes from the matched Zoho CRM record are displayed in the Preview window of the JiveConnect App, providing essential context for your call.

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