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Imagine having your customer’s full history pop up on your screen the moment they call, and being able to make calls with just a click – that's just a sample of what the integration between Salesforce and JiveConnect offers. This pairing simplifies your day by putting customer data and phone call activities in one place. You can even choose to see customer details instantly when they call or bring it up when you want. Plus, this system lets you jot down notes while on the call and decide how you want to pull up your data. All this makes talking with customers smoother, more personal, and helps your business thrive. Read more


Enhance your customer interactions and productivity with the integration of HubSpot and JiveConnect. This powerful combination simplifies contact management, delivers real-time caller information through Auto Screen Pop, and allows one-click dialing via JiveConnect. It automatically logs all call activities and enables note integration for a comprehensive customer interaction view. Manual Screen Pop offers controlled customer detail viewing, and Pop Contact in Edit Mode ensures immediate contact information updates. This integration is a one-stop solution for efficient communication and customer engagement. Read more


Supercharge your customer service with the JiveConnect integration for Zendesk. This powerful tool combines your phone system and customer support software, featuring quick address book search, caller details preview, manual and automatic call activity logging, effortless contact addition, one-click dialing, and both manual and automatic screen pops. This seamless integration simplifies your workflow, enhances efficiency, and helps you deliver personalized customer service. Experience the future of customer support with JiveConnect and Zendesk. Read more

Freshworks FreshDesk

The Freshdesk and JiveConnect integration enhances customer service by consolidating customer data into one accessible location. Key features include Address Book Search for immediate client data access, Auto Screen Pop and Caller Details Preview for real-time customer data on incoming calls, Click-to-dial for initiating calls directly from Freshdesk, and Manual Screen Pop for viewing client data as per convenience. Overall, this integration improves workflow, increases productivity, and promotes superior customer service. Read more

Zoho CRM

JiveConnect integration for Zoho CRM is a dynamic tool that merges your phone system and CRM software. With features like address book search, caller details preview, manual and automatic call activity logging, easy contact addition, one-click dialing, manual and automatic screen pops, contact edit mode, and integration with notes, this integration supercharges your efficiency, simplifies your workflow, and enhances your customer interactions. Experience the evolution of business communication with JiveConnect and Zoho CRM. Read more

Zoho Recruit

Elevate your recruitment process with JiveConnect integration for Zoho Recruit. This tool seamlessly combines your phone system and recruitment software, With features like address book search, caller preview, call activity logging, easy contact addition, click to dial and manual and screen pops. This integration boosts your productivity, simplifies your workflow, and enhances your communication with potential hires. Revolutionize your recruitment with JiveConnect and Zoho Recruit. Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and JiveConnect merges a top-notch customer management system with strong communication tools. This partnership makes adding and finding contacts a breeze, automatically logs your calls, and allows quick updates to customer information. With this combo, you can have all customer details pop up when they call, making your conversations more personal and effective. Plus, it offers simple, one-click dialing, easy note-taking, and options for when and how you see customer data, all aimed at boosting your team’s productivity and improving customer service. Read more


Applicant Tracking & CRM

Elevate your customer service and operational efficiency with the seamless integration of Bullhorn CRM and JiveConnect. Features like 'Click to Dial' enable direct dialing from the Bullhorn CRM, while automatic call activity logging ensures all interactions are recorded for future reference. Users gain immediate access to caller details and contact records with 'Caller Details Preview' and 'Screen Pop', enabling more informed conversations. Additionally, 'Add Contact' allows easy CRM updating directly from the JiveConnect App. In essence, JiveConnect's integration with Bullhorn offers a seamless, efficient, and more effective communication process. Read more

ConnectWise Manage

Boost your business productivity by integrating JiveConnect with ConnectWise Manage. This powerful combo centralizes your data, streamlines workflows, and enhances customer interactions. With features like click-to-dial, automatic call activity logging, and efficient contact management, you can deliver a more personalized and efficient customer service experience. Get the best of UCaaS and CRM with this must-have integration for businesses aiming for seamless, top-notch service. Read more


Imagine your phone system and customer records working together like a dream team. That's what you get with the SugarCRM and JiveConnect integration. It’s like having a smart assistant that shows you who’s calling, brings up their history with your company, and lets you add notes about the call—all in one place. You can easily start calls with a click, and you won’t lose any important information even if the internet goes down. This tool helps your team work more smoothly, serve customers better, and saves them time in the process. Read more


Imagine combining Pipedrive, your sales tool, with JiveConnect, a superb calling feature. This pair boosts sales productivity by effortlessly merging contact management with phone calls. It shows you a customer’s details when they call, logs your call activities automatically, and lets you add new contacts easily. The "Click to Dial" feature lets you call with a simple click. You can also update a contact’s details during a call, keeping information accurate and up-to-date, which is key to a smooth and customer-friendly communication process. Read more

Goldmine 2022

Unleash the power of customer service with the GoldMine and JiveConnect integration. This solution offers immediate access to customer data, a swift address book search, one-click dialing, and seamless integration with notes. With features like auto screen pop for immediate customer details and manual screen pop for on-demand information, your team can deliver personalized, efficient service. It's not just a tool, it's a strategy to elevate customer satisfaction and drive your business success. Read more

Google Contacts

Google Contacts and JiveConnect. With features like automatic caller detail pop-ups, seamless contact addition and search, click-to-dial and integrated note-taking, you can streamline your workflows, boost customer engagement, and make every conversation more effective. Additionally, with options like manual screen pop for added control, you can customize the experience to suit your needs. Read more


Think of combining Sage CRM with JiveConnect as putting your customer management on autopilot. This pairing offers handy tools to make your team more productive and your customer service top-notch. Imagine being able to instantly pull up a customer's contact details when they call, and even choosing when you want to see this information. Or making a call with a single click right from your customer list. This setup helps businesses speed up their work, respond to customers quicker, and provide a personal touch that customers will love. In the end, this means happier customers who are likely to stick around. Read more

Swift ACT! Premium

The integration of Swift ACT! Premium with JiveConnect boosts productivity and customer interaction quality by merging robust CRM capabilities with efficient communication tools. It simplifies contact searches, provides caller details ahead of the call, and supports a single-click dialing process, all directly from the Swift ACT! Premium interface. With features like Auto and Manual Screen Pop, it ensures critical customer information is Readily available during calls, enabling immediate, personalized service. This integration is an asset for any business aiming for streamlined processes and enhanced customer satisfaction. Read more

Intuit Quickbooks

Combine the best of Quickbooks Online and JiveConnect to make talking with your customers as simple as possible. This integration lets you easily add or change contact information and find your customers' details instantly. When a customer calls, their information will pop up right away, thanks to the Auto Screen Pop feature, so you know who’s calling and what they need. You can also choose when you want to see this information with the Manual Screen Pop feature. Plus, calling your customers is just a click away with the JiveConnect app, making communication effortless. Read more


Boost your online store's customer service with the Shopify and JiveConnect integration. This setup makes it easy for your team to instantly access important customer information, allowing them to start conversations on a personalized note. They can even make calls directly from JiveConnect with the Click to Dial feature. Plus, view customer information – automatically with the Auto Screen Pop feature, or manually when your team needs it. This integration is designed to simplify your workflow, making your team more efficient and your customers happier. Read more

Wordpress WooCommerce

Experience the future of business communication with the JiveConnect integration for WooCommerce. This innovative tool effortlessly unifies your phone system and eCommerce platform, enabling quick contact search, detailed caller previews, one-click dialing, and both manual and automatic screen pops from your WooCommerce database. This seamless integration empowers your business operations, streamlining communications, and boosting customer service efficiency. Dive into the era of unified commerce and communication today with JiveConnect and WooCommerce. Read more


Harmonizes your phone system and accounting software with the JiveConnect integration for Xero. With features like quick contact search, detailed caller previews, manual and automatic call activity logging, easy contact addition, one-click dialing, manual and automatic screen pops, this integration elevates your efficiency and convenience to unprecedented levels. Experience the evolution of business communication and accounting with JiveConnect and Xero. Read more

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